Razorock Chubby and Fresco

Razorock Chubby
Razorock Fresco
Schick Dial @ 7
Schick Twin Blade (2)
Proraso Aftershave Splash

Really nice shave today, one of those moments where everything comes together. I’m in a good mood as I had some good news today but this shave just made a things that little bit better.

I shook out the excess water from the brush which left it quite damp and loaded up the Fresco soap for about 30 seconds. Face lathering the soap it was almost instantly where I wanted it, a few drops of water worked in and I had a nice slick thick lather. This is one of those soaps I always enjoy using, I a little over halfway through this tub and can just about see a hint of the bottom of the tub through the soap. Quite a few shaves left but I’m looking forward to finish in a soap as it’s been a while.

I found today that this brush works well building a lather with paintbrush strokes, you can go in a circular motion but it just seemed to work really well using the paint strokes. Pure luxury softness from this brush, no scritch at all, it really is cloud soft but with just the right amount of backbone.

These Schick twin blades are nice and on setting 7 in the adjustable turned out a great result and a really close shave. Minor bit of damage with I caught a tiny spot I hadn’t noticed so there was blood but nothing major. I like the fact I can use a tiny bit of pressure with the Schick to get close in some areas.

All rounded off with a generous splash of the Proraso aftershave. Still my favourite splash, leaves my skin feeling good, moisturised and it has a great scent that I keep getting whiffs of.

All in all a good day topped off with a great shave.


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