A Citrus Shave with Tiki Land Locked

Village Barber Oil
S&C Silvertip
Tiki Bar Soap Land Locked
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (3)
Florida Water

A very orange scented citrus shave today, well it’s been a sunny day so why not.

Nice lather from the Tiki tallow soap which has a nice sweet orange type of scent and lathers very easily.

Not sure if this blade suits the SB too well. Maybe it’s a bit too sharp so I’m going to switch it to a milder razor for the next shave. I finished the last pass with the mongoose ATG on my neck for my skins sake.

Quick splash of the spicy citrus Florida Water to finish off and feel the burn. I know it’s more of a cologne than aftershave but it does leave my skin feeling nice once the burn settles down.

All in all a pleasant shave.


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