Ikon SB & Gillette Swede

Village Barber Oil
Whipped Dog 24mm High Mountain
Razorock Son of Zeus
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (1)
Fine Clean Vetiver

Saturday’s shave was the above setup. First try of this brush and soap. Very impressed by both of these and got a very slick lather. Nice BBS shave before heading off to a party that night. I used the Clean Vetiver to finish off and compliment the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDT I was going to wear. I’ll have to get the Fresh Vetiver at some point which is a closer match.

My usual Sunday night shave didn’t happen. I seemed to have picked up a bug so went to bed early yesterday to rest up. So today’s shave was:

Village Barber Oil
Restored Rubberset 24mm Silvertip
Soap Commander Passion
Ikon SB
Gillette Swede (2)
Figaro Gold aftershave

This is what I needed after feeling sick the last 24 hours, a good shave.

Nice slick protective lather from the soap commander soap as ever.

I had to be a bit careful round a couple of spots on my neck. The SB can be quite aggressive so I didn’t want to nick myself.

I had a quick splash of witch hazel before a splash of the Figaro Gold aftershave. I wanted to try to clear the spots a bit with the witch hazel.

My skin feels good now, nice and soft and smooth. I still feel a bit rough with this bug but I’m hoping I can shift it soon.


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