Rooney and the Tech

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Rooney Emillion
OSP no 1 test soap
Gillette Tech with SABI handle
GSB (3)
Old Spice AS

Good shave today. I tried out a new UK artisan soap being refined through testing with a few people over on TSR. Quite a nice scent which was present throughout the shave. The performance was good and plenty slick but I think I added too much water early on with this but I’ll dial it in with more use.

Third shave with the tech and heavy handle combo and it delivers a easy shave but not super close in some areas. The blade in is the blade bank so I’ll have to think about what to use next.

I’ve stuck with this Rooney Emillion brush all week and it’s a favourite of mine. Hard to come buy but if I saw any more reasonably priced Rooney brushes I’d grab another.

All finished off with a splash of old spice. Mainly because I’d used the old spice shower gel today and wanted to keep the scent going.

I didn’t get around to posting my last shave which looked a bit like this

Not the best photo but it was a nice shave with this cream that is part of a passaround. I did get a slight tingle around my lips and the scent is a little floral but the performance was good. It has a really strange consistency, very runny like paint.

Oh and a few more soaps arrived as well

IMG_1763should be fun trying these out over the next few weeks.


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