SS Date Night with the Aristoctat

3P Preshave
Vie Long Synthetic
Strop Shoppe Date Night
Gillette Aristoctat #66
Sputnik (3)
Razorock Baby Blue aftershave

Nice drama free shave tonight. Great to wind down after a day at work with a nice relaxing shave.

The Vie Long synthetic brush is nice, the fibres are similar to the Muhle STF fibres in the backbone department but for some reason I prefer this brush. It has nice soft tips and tends to hold the lather in the knot well without it ending up on the handle which seems to happen with the Muhle.

The Strop Shoppe Date Night is a very nice soap. It lathers up well and is quite a thirsty soap. The lather it makes is nice and slick and leaves my skin feeling very nice and moisturised. The scent is a little light but you keep getting bursts of it throughout the shave. It is nice light cologne type scent similar to Dior Fahrenheit.

I noticed today just how loud this razor is in use. You really can hear each hair being mown down. The Sputnik blade performed well and was nice and sharp and smooth today. I only push them to three shaves and for the price they work out at that is fine for me.

I finished off with a good splash of the Razorock Baby Blue aftershave, mainly because it has a big hole the aftershave comes out of and I misjudged it and ended up with a lot in my hand so after a good coating on the face the rest I rubbed into my chest to prolong the nice clean scent.

Very nice shave and my skin now feels in excellent condition after today’s shave.

I put in two sprays of my Guerlain Ideal a little while later as the scent of the aftershave had gone away and I find I get a few hours of scent from this, so enough to keep smelling good until bedtime.

I also had a nice little delivery today. The highly regarded Old Spice soap!



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