Razorock Chubby and CRSW Sandalwood

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Razorock Chubby
CRSW Sandalwood
Ikon 102
Schick Platinum Plus (6)
Figaro Aftershave

Another outing for the big Razorock Chubby brush today and I’m still learning how to handle such a bit knot. I probably didn’t quite load the brush long enough so I ran out of lather after second pass. All a matter of learning quite how much soap is needed for this big dense brush and getting the water right. It’s going to be messy but I may try the Marco method on it’s next use.

The soap is nice if a little light in scent, it’s a really nice true sandalwood scent but I’d prefer it to be stronger as it tends to fade away to nothing quite quickly during the shave.

It seemed to load up well and produce a slick lather and seemed a little thirsty for water.

This old blade is still going strong but it did feel like it was starting to drop off a bit towards the end of the shave. The ikon slant did a good job of mowing down the stubble today. Again I used the straight razor for WTG on the cheeks, under my mouth and neck today. I’m slowly getting used to the angle etc I think.

I finished off with a good splash of the Figaro Monsieur aftershave splash which has an old powdery barbershop scent and a nice kick of menthol.


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