Dapper Dragon Signature and the Mongoose

Razorock Chubby
Dapper Dragon Signature
Gold Dollar Straight
Feather Pro (8)
Floid Blue after shave

Nice shave today. First pass mostly with the straight apart from just under the chin.

I really loaded up a lot of soap today and probably had about 3 more passes worth after my 3 pass shave with the Razorock Chubby. I think this brush is breaking in well and really blooming and giving up the lather more easily.

New soap today with the Dapper Dragon Signature soap. A really nice scent and my favourite of the range of the 3 I have tried so far. A fruity scent with really nice thick slick lather that leaves a lot of residual slickness behind. That’s a quality I really like in a soap.

Finished off the first pass and remaining passes with the goose and this feather pro blade is bearing up well. Super smooth finish!

I finished off with a few sprays of the Floid Blue after shave which smells great and left my skin feeling good. Once that had died down I had a few sprays of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver and headed out the door.


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