PAA Speak Easy & ikon 102 slant

Mystery Synthetic Brush
PAA Speak Easy
Ikon 102 slant
Schick Platinum Plus (5)
Floid Black Aftershave
Ed Hardy Villain EDT

Nice result today, I couldn’t remember how many shaves I’d had off this old vintage blade, looking back its 5 and it didn’t show any sign of giving up.

I had a good shave Saturday night but didn’t take a photo or write about it. I used Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr Taylor cream and a 24mm silvertip with the ikon 102 and the Schick blade and got a really close shave. I used the Gold Dollar straight as well for most of the first pass too.

Today I used the synthetic brush I’ve been testing out with the PAA Speak Easy soap and was really impressed by the way this brush worked up a lather. I had a bit of soap stuck to the lid of the tin which was enough to get three good passes with some lather to spare. The soap has a nice scent which reminds me a bit of Dior Fahrenheit and the performance is really good with nice slickness and glide.

I finished off today with a little Floid Black aftershave which leaves the skin feeling nice and soft and has quite a modern scent. It doesn’t hang around for long so I followed up with a couple of squirts of Ed Hardy The Villain.


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