Italian Barber delivery shave

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Razorock Chubby Silvertip
Razorock SMDF soap
Mongoose with Jürgen Hempel Ti
Feather Pro (7)
Razorock Baby Blue Aftershave

So a few things arrived from an Italian Barber order placed with a friend and we went halves on a couple of the big splash bottles, Baby Blue and Figaro Monsieur.

I also had to try out the huge Chubby brush which is the biggest badger brush I own. 27.5mm knot with about a 50mm loft with nice soft tips and just enough backbone, more than I was expecting for a silvertip. After a test lather last night it bloomed nicely and I think it will just get better with use. It certainly seems to be a lather machine.

The soap is really nice also with a scent that seemed to really grow when lathered. The scent is a tobacco type of scent with eucalyptus and menthol and I could pick out the camphor quite strongly. A really nice masculine scent.

It performs really well and produced a nice thick slick lather which was protective and not drying at all.

Another quick go with the straight razor on the cheeks before finishing up with the mongoose. My strop arrived today so I gave the straight a bit of a strop afterwards and it seemed to cut well on my arm hairs when I tested it. I’ll probably be a bit more adventurous over the weekend with the straight and watch a few YouTube videos.

I finished off with a good splash of the Baby Blue aftershave which felt and smelt nice too. Nice little tingle of menthol to cool off a bit.

Overall a very nice shave with some new bits that I’m glad I picked up.


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