Grandstaff Holy Smokes and trying a Straight Razor


3P Preshave
Synthetic Brush
Grandstaff Holy Smokes
Straight Razor
Feather Pro (6)
Myrsol Plastic Shave Aftershave

First attempt with the straight razor I won in a competition held by I’ve only used the feather artist club prior to this and didn’t really get on well with that. Maybe I was jumping in too fast previously so today I just started by doing my cheeks and switching to the mongoose for the rest of my shave. That seemed to work better for me and I escaped without any injuries!

Another use of the synthetic brush I’m testing and it delivered again today with the great grandstaff soap. The scent is a really nice floral tobacco type scent which is really strong, one of the strongest scented soaps I’ve ever used.

Really great performance from this soap that is hard to come by these days. The lather seems perfect in every way and it felt like there wasn’t even a blade in the mongoose.

The result today was a very nice close shave with no drama at all and I really enjoyed the grandstaff soap.

The scent of the soap was still hanging around after the shave so I followed up with a good splash of the Myrsol Plastic Shave which is one of my favourites and leaves your face nice and soft with a refreshing hint of menthol.


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