Vintage Travel Razor shave

Mysterious Synthetic Brush
OSP Shaving Soap
Old Hoffritz style travel razor
Gillette Silver Blue (4)
Superdrug Sierran Breeze

Well as I’m traveling I thought I’d try out this old travel razor I picked up a while ago. It comes in a tiny metal box and looks very much like the Hoffritz travel razors but this one doesn’t have a makers mark anywhere.

Well the shave from this razor seems quite mild, it could be a matter of shaving angle which did seem quite a small angle to find but it was certainly quite smooth when I did find the angle. It’s one of those razors where you could buff away and get a BBS if you have time to, but as I’m away it was a quick 3 passes to look presentable and out the door. When I came back I saw how shiny the razor was so had to take this picture to show the mirror like finish on the top cap.
Pretty shiny huh?

Anyway on to the soap which is a tester from a new English artisan just developing their first soap. I’d say he’s done quite well with this one. Quite a good scent strength and not offensive. I believe it supposed to be a barber shop type of scent but I mainly get an anise note with a classic soap scent that reminds me of something else.

Nice dense lather with good slickness. If I’m being fussy it could have been a bit of a thicker lather but other than that it was good. I’ll be interested to see how it handles a more aggressive razor as this travel razor definitely felt very mild, or maybe it was the soap being super protective?

Post shave feel was good and not drying at all. A little splash of my mentholated Sierran Breeze and I was good to go on this hot summers day in England.

This synthetic brush im trialling seems quite good too. It’s not gonna beat my Plisson or Stirling brush for my tastes but certainly gives the Muhle and Purtech brushes a run for their money. I can say this brush is made by one of the well known brush makers and the handle is nice and of very good quality.

Well that’s me done for another day. I hope you’re all having a great Saturday!


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