Weekend shaves with Catie’s Bubbles & Stirling Soap Co

I gave up on my months use of MWF as I seemed to be breaking out in spots and had got a little bored. Here are the shaves of my weekend

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic
Feather Pro (4)
Brut aftershave

Carrying on the mentholated shave from yesterday I went with the even chillier Margaritas in the Arctic for today’s shave. This is one cooling soap! Maybe a little less chilly than the Orange Chill Stirling soap I have but none the less a nice face freezer.

Today I have been hacking back the bushes in our garden and after working up a sweat and picking up a little sun so a nice cooling shave was in order.

3 passes with the mongoose went trouble free and left me very smooth. The post shave feel on the Stirling soaps is one of the best in my opinion making my skin feel even more smooth.

After all that menthol I didn’t need anymore cooling down so I reached for my bottle of Brut aftershave to finish off my shave. It’s a nice scent and quite cheap and easy to find in most stores. The scent reminds me of my dad when he was getting ready to go out when I was younger.

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Caties Bubbles Glacé Herbe
Feather Pro (3)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver

A really nice shave finally not using MWF. I picked up a full tub of the Glace Herbe recently after using a sample and today was the first time using it from a full tub.

Just as I remembered it from the sample, a really nice rich vetiver scent which lasts throughout the shave. The menthol kick on this soap is just about right for me.

Just a quick 2 pass shave with the mongoose was enough to look presentable before heading out the door.

That is after a quick splash of the Fine Clean Vetiver which paired perfectly with the soap and added to the cooling menthol feel.

To carry on the vetiver goodness for a little longer I put on some Guerlain Vetiver which I think the soap and aftershave are based on. Needless to say I smelt good for the rest of the day.


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