MWF shave no 7

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic Brush
Feather Pro (2)
Alpa 378 aftershave

Another MWF shave today. I seem to be getting a few spots and a couple of ingrown hairs and I wonder if it’s related to the lanolin in the fat. It’s quite warm at the moment and my skin is naturally oily so I wonder if the moisturising properties of this soap are just too much for this time of year?

I managed to nick a few of the spots too today as well so I am putting thought to stopping using the fat for now. Anyone else has a similar issue?

The Stirling brush did a stirling job of lathering the soap (anyone see the joke, lol). I’m really liking this brush a lot, it just loads up soap really well and feels great on the face and the lather produced is really nice and creamy. The sheer size of it means there is plenty of lather for all 3 passes with some to spare and the flow through is just right. It seems more densely packed than the plisson but even with the higher loft has just a little more backbone to it as well.

Apart from the couple of spots nicked today there were no issues with the mongoose with a nice easy close shave delivered.

I finished off with a splash of the Alpa 378 aftershave which has a nice old fashioned scent similar to Irisch Moos with a touch of menthol. With all the Alpa scents they seem very traditional and I could see these being used in the 1930’s by all the dapper gents of the time. They have really nice skin care properties and the scents aren’t overpowering. I do sometimes find the Irisch Moos a little overpowering and cloying but it’s a great scent.

Anyway that’s me done for another day ready to face the final day at work this week.


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