MWF shave no 6

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
Stirling Synthetic brush
i coloniali rhubarb shave cream
Feather Pro (1)
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla aftershave

First shave back home after my few days away. It was nice to be shaving at home again. I did have my 5th MWF shave yesterday morning before I packed up to leave but had no time to post.

I’ve gotten a little bored of the fat’s scent so have been adding some of my lesser used creams to pep up the scent a bit. Today I used the i coloniali rhubarb cream which has a smoky scent and I think I detected a tiny bit of menthol too. I got this cream as part of a job lot of stuff I bought a while back and used it once and put it away as it wasn’t keen on the smokey scent. I quite liked the scent today though.

First use of the Stirling brush which was waiting for me on my return along with a few other shaving purchases including some of Shannon’s soaps which smell very nice.

The brush is huge and feels just like a giant plisson brush. I like this brush a lot after just one use, I’m very impressed.

I loaded up the brush for about 15 seconds from the MWF that had been soaking while I showered. I spread about 3/4″ of cream on my face and set to work face lathering. It took a few dips of water to get the lather where I wanted it and I soon had a huge amount of the thickest lather I’ve seen in a while.

The brush has really nice flow through and releases the lather nicely on your face. I’m thinking this might just edge my beloved plisson as my favourite brush.

I loaded up the Mongoose with a fresh feather pro blade and got a nice close shave in 3 passes. I was going to use a feather super blade but chickened out at the last minute and went with the pro blade.

I finished off with a splash of the Clubman Vanilla aftershave which always leaves my skin feeling nice. The scent is quite nice on this and I prefer it over the original Clubman scent but I wouldn’t say it’s strongly scented of vanilla but very nice all the same.


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