MWF day 2

Trumpers Lime Skinfood
L’Occitane Plisson
Above the Tie H1
Schick Super Platinum (2)
Old Spice aftershave

Day 2 of using the MWF soap today. The puck looked a bit more hydrated today but still had some cracks on top. I filled the tub the soap is in with water and left it to soak while I had a shower.

When I came back to it to load up with the plisson most of the cracks seemed to have gone. Part of using this soap for the month is to put a good dent in it so I loaded the brush up well and began face lathering.

The lather seemed a bit better than yesterday and was nice and thick and certainly protected well from the ATT H1. I used the vintage Schick blade I had in my New LC for the last shave and found it still very nice and sharp but smooth. 3 passes and I had a BBS result.

I finished off with a splash of some vintage old spice from the 80’s I was given some time ago. It really did burn but not in the usual way, more like a reaction on my skin. It passed in a few minutes but I don’t think I’ll use this sample as an aftershave but it did smell nice.

I spent the morning putting together a new flat pack storage unit which I’ve transferred most of my shaving stuff into. It certainly looks a lot tidier and gives me something to take my SOTD photos on.


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