Meissner Tremonia Salty Sea Sage

S&C Silvertip Zebra Beehive
Meissner Tremonia Salty Sea Sage shaving paste
Feather Pro (9)
Old Spice Noir aftershave

First try of the Meissner Tremonia which arrived today. The paste is a similar consistency to Catie’s Bubbles soap so more like a soft croap than a cream. The tub is nice but annoyingly the label with the ingredients on the bottom isn’t waterproof. It’s a veggie based formula with a strange scent almost marine like but it has camphor in it too which reminds me a bit of karvol drops.

I’m not sure if it was me needing to dial in the lather but it didn’t seem quite as good as the hype surrounding this soap. I found the lather a little flat and not very cushioning and by the 3rd pass was dissipating a little so I had to reload my brush which improved things a bit. Maybe it doesn’t like hard water?

Still I’ll experiment over the next few uses to see if I can get a decent lather out of it.

3 passes with the mongoose with no issues but I do think this blade had seen better days. One more shave to get it to double figures and it’ll go in the blade bank.

A quick splash of the Old Spice Noir to finish things off. Quite a nice scent that’s quite modern with a fresh scent which is quite nice.

I’m looking forward to a few soaps arriving in the next few days.


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