Lebelle Soaps Honey Crisp

Proraso Red Preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 best badger
Lebelle Honey Crisp
Feather Pro (8)
David Beckham Instinct aftershave

A new soap for me today. I did have a quick tidy up 2 pass shave with this yesterday before having a full shave today.

The soap has a nice scent which is quite unique compared to other scents I own. It’s a cross between a baked apple pie and a nice glass of cider. A great summer scent but I think it could be used all year round.

The performance is really good easy to load and lather, and good residual slickness which I like in a soap.

This can take a good amount of water and even with my hard water provides a nice thick protective lather. The tallow gives it a nice creamy consistency.

Shave number 8 on the feather pro blade went well with a good end result. It didn’t feel as smooth during the shave but I reckon I’ll get to double figures then tossing the blade.

Finished off with the sample of the David Beckham Instinct aftershave I’m still working through. The fresh scent paired well with the soap today.


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