Barnegat Bay and Schick Super Platinum

Myrsol Emulsion
New Forest 1901
Caties Bubbles Barnegat Bay
7 o’clock open comb on Ikon Bulldog
Schick Super Platinum (1)
Homemade Bay Rum Aftershave

First try of these old blades sent by a friend in the states to try. Really nice blade, it’s been a while since I had a DE shave but these are nice and sharp and extremely smooth. If they last as well as most vintage blades I’ll be hunting some down.

This soap from Caties Bubbles in the Italian formula is very good, maybe even better than the French formula for me. Very slick and great post shave feel. Whipped up into a nice lather with the New Forest 2 band brush taking on a fair bit of water while building a lather on my face.

The 7 o’clock which is basically a long comb new left me BBS after 3 passes with the vintage Schick blade.

A quick splash of my cooling mentholated Bay Rum aftershave finished off a nice Bay Rum themed shave that was one of my best for a while.


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