Sunday shave with Soap Commander Vision

Omega 10066
Soap Commander Vision
B2 Satin Mongoose
Feather Pro (6)
Taylor of Old Bond Street No 74 Limes
Trumpers Lime Skinfood

A Sunday shave to get ready for another week at work. I spent the day tidying the upstairs of my house so was looking forward to cooling off in the shower and having a relaxing shave.

As it’s sample Sunday I thought I’d cool off with the minty Soap Commander Vision sample I have pressed into a clip lock tub.

I soaked the Omega boar brush in warm water while I had a shower and left a little water on the soap to soften it as well.

After loading for about 30 seconds I had enough soap to begin face lathering and with a few drops of water had that nice thick slick lather I’ve come to expect from Soap Commander soaps.

The Vision has a nice minty scent with like a cologne scent mixed in, a nice fresh summer scent, and the mint cools the skin just a little.

Post shave feel is very good as with all Soap Commander soaps which I put down to the shea butter.

To finish off I thought I’d use the TOBS No 74 Victorian Limes aftershave as it’s nice and fresh and I’m nearing the end of the bottle so am trying to get it used up.

I thought I’d use a bit of the Trumpers Lime Skinfood to continue the Lime theme.

All in all another good shave to get me ready for the week ahead, I did feel that perhaps the feather blade is on its way out, I’ll try for shave no 7 and see how that goes.


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