A cooling Proraso shave

I said I was going to use some of the forgotten soaps over the next few shaves. As it was a hot morning then what better stuff to use than cooling Proraso green.

S&C Silvertip
Proraso Green soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Feather Pro (5)
Proraso Green aftershave

I left the brush soaking and about a teaspoon of water on the soap while I had my shower. I went for a bit of preshave exfoliation with some Shave Doctor face scrub and my usual face soap of late the Bluebeards Revenge big blue soap.

A quick shake of the brush to get most of the water out and I added the spoon full of water from the soap to the brush knot. After about 30 seconds the brush seemed loaded enough to start face lathering. This brush has softened up nicely now on the third use and feels like a soft cloud on the face but with enough backbone to work the lather in well, I’d say the perfect balance. I really worked the lather well on my face today adding water along the way until I got the lather where I wanted it.

Three passes with the goose and all was good, the feather pro blade seemed fine on its fifth use but probably not a sharp as when it was new.

My skin felt a little dry after using the soap, but clean feeling it that makes sense. The aftershave from Proraso is very moisturising and seems to be the perfect match after using the soap to get my skin back to a perfect level of hydration. It has to be one of my favourite splashes with a great old school scent and nice cooling menthol to make you feel fresh.

I was given a sample of Encre Noire recently and first time round I liked it quite a lot. I used the rest of the sample today before heading out to the shops and then a BBQ. I definitely like the scent and it seems to last quite well although not to a strength level I would like as I prefer my scents to last all day. It seems it’s difficult to find a long lasting scent these days, but I guess that’s to do with all the regulations around scents and ingredients which are ruining so many good things.

Now as I’m writing this around 10 hours later the scent is pretty much gone so after a quick face wash with just some cold tap water I have gone with a few squirts of the Bluebeards Revenge EDT to keep me going until bed time.


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