DR Harris Windsor & The Goose

S&C Silvertip
DR Harris Windsor soap
B2 Satin Mongoose
Feather Pro (4)
DR Harris Windsor Aftershave

I needed to remind myself how good the DR Harris soap was before I take a trip to the St James area of London tomorrow. Based on tonight experience I’ll have to pick up another soap after having a smell of the different scents.

The brush was much softer after the initial outing on my last shave. A much more pleasurable experience which I expect will improve over the next few uses.

I left the brush to soak while I had a shower and left a little water on the soap to rehydrate it as it’s been a little while since I last used it.

I shook the brush and began loading up the soap, this brush hold a lot of water so at first it was a bit bubbly but after a little more loading I had a nice creamy lather in the tips. I rubbed the looser lather that had spilled over into my face and began face lathering. It didn’t take long to get a nice thick lather going and adding a few drops of water to the knot soon got a nice sheen to the lather.

Three passes with the mongoose resulted in a very close shave ready for my trip to London at silly o’clock to get to there by 9am.

I finished off by going the whole hog with the Windsor aftershave. Really nice stuff with that citrusy vetiver scent with a hint of black pepper. It’s a really good quality splash and now my face feels very smooth and moisturised. I’m not sure if that’s down to the soap or aftershave or both.

A few squirts of the Windsor EDT in the morning and I’ll be good to go. Should be a fun journey and I hope the weather isn’t too hot as there is a strict dress code where I’m going so it’s on with the suit and tie tomorrow morning.


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