LTV and the Goose

Rooney Emillion
Caties Bubbles La Terre Verte
Feather Pro (2)
Fine American Blend

So after a little tidy up of the drawers in the den and a shift around with the soap box in the bathroom I was ready to shave; there will be some lesser used soaps getting use in the upcoming shaves.

I left the Rooney to soak while I had a shower and left a little water on the LTV to bloom. After my shower and putting on the 3P I used the bloom water to wet my face and started loading up the brush.

I’ve gotta say the scent of the LTV has to be my favourite Catie’s Bubbles scent. This one knocked LPV into second place when a friend sent me a sample. It was so good I had to get a tub of my own.

It performs just like the other Catie’s Bubbles scents in the French style and produces a really nice lather almost instantly with great glide. Face lathering with the Rooney I had a good lather in no time adding a few drops of water to the knot as I went along.

3 passes with the Mongoose with the Feather Pro blade on its second use produced a really close irritation free shave. I’ll be using the goose until this blade gives up just to see how many shaves I can comfortably get from it. So far it’s been my favourite blade but I do have a few more in the sample pack to try out.

I wasn’t sure what aftershave to use today, I really wanted to keep the lovely smell of LTV going but I didn’t think I had anything to match up with it. As I said I had been tidying my shaving drawers and the drawers are see through and the first bottle I saw at the front was the Fine Accoutrements American Blend so I grabbed that. I love the smell of this aftershave which is based on Rive Gauche by YSL, it smells great and has that nice cooling menthol kick all the Fine aftershaves have. A bonus is it really matched the soap well and nearly 2 hours later the scent is still going strong. This is one of those aftershaves I’ll never be without.

Well that’s me ready for another week of work.


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