The Chosen Ones

So the other day one of my friends asked me to suggest a setup for his shave. I thought it only right to ask what I should use for my next shave so here is what he chose:

Myrsol Emulsion
New Forest 1901 2 band badger brush
Tabac shaving soap
Gillette Fatboy
English Wilkinson Sword blade (1)
Floid Black Aftershave

Certainly not a setup I had in mind but all really good stuff.

I don’t think I have used Tabac since last Tabactober and the Fatboy I don’t think I have used since Fatboy February 2014! I found after using the Fatboy for a whole month I had quite a few ingrown hairs and put that down to the Fatboy. I guess I’ll see in the next few days what happens.

When I used Tabac for a whole month I realised what a great soap it is. Sure the scent is one of the most debatable topics in wet shaving, but it performs at the top level.

With the 2 band badger brush I whipped up a great lather on my face which was thick, slick and protective.

I turned the Fatboy up to 9 and set about 3 passes with the vintage Wilkinson blade. I had one very minor nick on my neck under my chin but other than that it was a usual drama free shave I expect from the Fatboy. I don’t usually use the Fatboy on the highest setting but I wanted a close shave and knew even at the highest setting it wasn’t going to be a harsh shave.

I got really smooth results from today’s shave and the Tabac really has a great post shave skin feel. I didn’t really need anything else but finished off with a splash of the Floid Black aftershave. I’d say it has a fairly modern scent compared to the other Floid splashes, it almost reminds me of 1 million with a fruity grape note. Very nice stuff and finished the shave off well.

It was fun using a setup I hadn’t chosen myself so if you have any suggestions for future shaves please leave a comment below.


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