Soap Commander Gusto

Myrsol Emulsion preshave
L’Occitane Plisson Synthetic
Soap Commander Gusto soap
Ikon Shavecraft Slant
Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Feather blade (2)
Soap Commander Gusto aftershave balm

This was Saturday’s shave, but I didn’t get time to post this yesterday. It was a very warm day yesterday, quite the opposite to today where it’s much cooler and rainy outside.

Anyway the scent of the Gusto is really nice and a great refreshing summer scent. It’s pretty much as it says on the label, raspberries and lemonade. Time will tell if this becomes my favourite Soap Commander scent but it’s right near the top with my number 1 scent Respect.

The performance is the same as any other Soap Commander soap i.e. great. When lathered up with the Plisson I got a really nice thick slick lather. I’m not sure how Carrie and Darren do it but it is just like a good tallow soap and certainly seems richer and thicker than any other vegan soap I’ve tried.

I decided to use the Ikon 102 slant with the once used feather blade which I used in the Phoenix Dbl OC last time around. Although a feather blade is nice and sharp, I find they aren’t the smoothest of blades and don’t last very long before the edge gets uncomfortable. I got a good shave second time around but I’m not sure I’d push for a third shave.

To finish off I used the Soap Commander Gusto balm. I’m not a huge balm fan but heard that the Soap Commander balms are really good. Those thoughts were right, it’s very nice stuff, not too greasy but soothes the skin and has a nice menthol kick. This to me smells exactly like the soap.

Well now all that remains is to work out what to use next time!


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