Catie’s Bubbles LPV & Gem Clog Pruf

Myrsol Emulsion
TBS Super Silvertip
Catie’s Bubbles LPV
Gem Clog Pruf
Gem blade (2)
British Sterling Aftershave

So this was today’s shave. I haven’t used the LPV for a while and today was one of those days where I felt the need to get it out again. I love the smell of this soap. Check my reviews section for a full review, as usual the performance was very good.

I’ve taken to loading this up with a wetter than usual brush and face lathering and find I don’t need to add any water. As you can see from the photo there was still plenty of lather left after 3 passes.

I haven’t used one of the Gem razors in a while and even thought about selling them a few times. I was going to use either the Clog Pruf or the OCMM, I chose the Clog Pruf and got a very nice shave.

I do find myself preferring the more rigid SE blades in the Gems, injectors and the Mongoose. I think they seem to reduce the chance of ingrown hair for me.

I finished off with a splash of the British Sterling aftershave which goes well with the LPV. I’m pretty sure though that a few hours later I can still smell the LPV. A really nice spicy scent.


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