An Unintentional Tobacco Tuesday

Myrsol Emulsion preshave
Feuilles de Tabac shaving cream
New Forest 1901 2 band badger brush
Mongoose with Dr Bomber handle
Kai Sharp Blade (3)
Standard Razor
Vintage Wilkinson (?)
Versace Dreamer aftershave

I only just realised I used tobacco scented products today and it’s Tuesday, so this has to be my first Tobacco Tuesday shave!

I’ve also set myself a task to use more creams to get the stash down a bit as these days I prefer a soap or croap.

I bought this cream on sale a while ago in TK Maxx purely as I had heard good things about the scent and performance and I’d say it’s really good stuff. I’d definitely clear the shelves if I saw more on sale.

There is no mention of using a brush on the packaging so it may be a brushless cream but it certainly lathers well with a brush and water. I used quite a bit just in case but ended up with about twice the lather I actually needed.

This brush is a strong favourite of mine and it’s no longer made, after a soak in warm water while I showered and it lathered up the cream in the suribachi bowl with ease. This brush has great backbone and really soft tips.

The scent of the cream is nice with a tobacco flower scent with a little bit of spice, it’s a really classy scent. It has good cushion and glide, maybe not as good a glide as a soap, but good for a cream.

I started out with the mongoose but the blade seemed really blunt and just wouldn’t cut through the stubble so after the first pass I reached for the nearest razor, my Standard with a vintage made in England Wilkinson blade which I’ve lost count of the number of shaves I’ve had from it. It’s still going strong anyway!

After 3 passes I was nice and smooth and looking for a nice aftershave scent to finish off. What better than the tobacco scented Versace Dreamer, I’ve had this bottle for years but have only recently come to appreciate the scent, must be my age. The scent lasts for ages and leaves my skin feeling good.


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