Strop Shoppe Austin

Another good shave from the mongoose, here is today’s setup:

Myrsol Emulsion
Semogue Owners Club 2 Band
Strop Shoppe Austin
Satin Mongoose with Dr Bomber handle
Kai Sharp Blade (2)
David Beckham Instinct aftershave

First try of the Austin soap today, from the tub it isn’t the strongest of scents but it seems to get stronger once lathered up.

I got a very nice lather that was nice and thick and slick. I do find with the Semogue that’s it’s a very stiff brush but with nice soft tips. Plenty of backbone to load up a hard soap but you really need to use painting strokes to get an even lather.

I’m still not impressed with the Kai sharp blade, it’s just not really sharp enough to get a nice close finish. I’ll push on for a couple more shaves as it’s still cutting, just not as good as I would like.

I finished off with the David Beckham Instinct aftershave which has a really oily consistency and a bit tacky. It leaves the skin nice and soft but after this sample is gone I won’t be buying a bottle, I think I just prefer a more alcohol based splash.

Still I think I found quite a good place to take my SOTD photos, the box I’ve recently been using to store my newer soaps in the bathroom gives me a nice stand to take some shots.


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