Reef Point Aviator

It’s been a very hot day today and the local carnival took place so the fair is in town. Seems like the weather is due to get even hotter this week, good job I’ve made some menthol glycerin to add to some of my upcoming lathers. Anyway before all the fun of the day and catching a bit of sun, I had a shave to start the day right:

Proraso Red Preshave
The Big Shave Super Silvertip
Reef Point Aviator
Satin Mongoose with Dr Bomber handle
Kai Sharp Blade (1)
TOBS St James aftershave
A good splash of Alcolado Glacial all over to cool off, I knew I bought half a litre of this for a reason.

So first go with the Aviator today, first smell from the tub on opening you get a strong leather scent, give it a minute and the bright citrus notes come through. If it was just leather I don’t think this would be a favourite of mine but the background notes give it another dimension.

I left some water on the soap while I had a shower, today I opened the bar of Bluebeards Revenge big blue soap and used that for my face, hair and body. I don’t usually use a bar soap on my body but thought I’d give it a try. It’s a huge bar and smells just like their EDT which makes sense really. It does exactly what soap should so no problems there. I think it’ll take a while to use up especially as I only use bar soap on my hair and stubble.

So after the shower I took the brush from the cup it had been soaking in and gave it a little shake so it was on the damp side and loaded up the Aviator soap for approx 30 seconds then started face lathering. The lather was almost instantly where I like it and a drop of water and it was good, nice and thick, with I would say a medium scent.

First try of the Kai Sharp blade today and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I was surprised as the first stroke left patches of stubble behind, not what I was expecting. I carried on and found that the blade seemed to get better, maybe it was just a coating that wore off through the shave. I would say it didn’t feel as sharp as a feather, but it did seem smooth and very forgiving. I think it would be a good blade to start out with in the mongoose, as I am, although time will tell how long lasting it will be. It certainly delivered a closer shave than I expected from the first stroke.

All in all a good shave and when I finished I had no idea of what aftershave to use other than it had to have some menthol in it as it was such a warm day. I looked in my rack and saw the Taylor of Old Bond Street St James aftershave and remembered it had a nice cooling menthol hit with a really nice scent. It left my skin feeling good, but I was still craving more menthol so I followed up with a good splash of Alcolado Glacial on the face, back of my neck and chest. That hit the spot and left me with a nice fresh cooling feeling for about 10 minutes. It set me up for the day feeling fresh that’s for sure.

As I said I caught the sun a bit today so after looking at my slightly red face in the mirror tonight I reached for my Truefitt & Hill No 10 moisturiser which hopefully will feed my skin a bit overnight.

Got the Strop Shoppe Austin soap out for tomorrow’s shave.


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