Phoenix Vloid and DOC

Preshave Oil
Plisson Shaving Brush
PAA Vloid soap
Feather (1)
PAA Vloid Aftershave

Well I learnt an interesting lesson today. If I use a preshave oil before this soap I get no irritation at all, must be the layer of oil providing protection for the skin.

3 passes with the PAA Dbl OC with a feather with no issue. I have found this razor to be very mild and given I already have a few mild razors it’s not one I would buy at the moment. I think it would be a safe bet for someone starting out DE shaving or someone with a light beard. It provides a visually clean shave but not quite BBS for me.

The soap provides a very nice lather that’s thick and very slick with a light pleasant scent. Definitely one to recommend but alas with the irritation issues not one I would buy. I’m happy though that what I have learnt from using the oil I can use with some other soaps that have irritated my skin.

I finished off with a splash of the aftershave, but after last time not as much to avoid the menthol tear gas incident again. Very nice face feel and super cooling.

That’s me done with this passaround and it’s off to the next recipient to try.


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