Stirling Orange Chill and Dbl OC

Rooney Emillion Size 1
Stirling Orange Chill
Phoenix Dbl OC
Gillette Silver Blue (4)
Brut Aftershave

No preshave today, I find the Stirling soap so slick it just isn’t needed.

The Orange Chill lathered up like a charm using the Rooney brush with the Marco Method of lathering. 60 seconds of swirling with a very wet brush and then face lathered resulted in a nice thick slick lather. I’ve yet to find a soap as slick as Stirling, and the post shave feel is really great.

As it was quite a warm day, but by no means full on summer I thought I’d try out my most mentholated soap, and this stuff is really chilly. The cold water splash certainly was refreshing.

I tried the Dbl OC razor with a heavier handle today, it made it a little more aggressive but still a little on the mild side to get a BBS shave. I’ll give it a try with a feather or Polsilver blade next to see if that improves the end result.

A quick splash of Brut to finish things off and even my wife says I smell good, so that can’t be bad. I gave my son the choice of all my aftershaves and Brut was his choice.


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