Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Vloid

I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a PAA passaround to try out the Vloid soap and aftershave, as well as the double open comb razor.

Let’s start with yesterday’s SOTD

Myrsol Emulsion
Frank Shaving Purtech
Vloid shaving soap
PAA Speakeasy
Dbl OC razor
Gillette Silver Blue (2)
Vloid aftershave

All started off well loading the brush off the huge puck of soap, I found it loaded really easily after I left some hot tap water to bloom while I had a shower. I began face lathering adding water as I went and I soon had a nice thick slick lather built. I felt a bit of a tingle but carried on with the first pass. Unfortunately the tingle got worse and I couldn’t go any further with the Vloid soap so I reached for another PAA soap, Speakeasy which I had no problems with to finish off the shave. There is obviously something in the scent of the Vloid my skin didn’t like as it has the same soap base as speakeasy.

The DOC razor really did impress me though. It’s an unusual design with an open comb top plate as well as a base plate. I found it mild but efficient and gave a very good shave with the stock handle which on first look I thought may be a bit small for me but the small handle made it a very agile razor. The double open comb leaves little lines of lather on your face which makes it easy for little touch ups or blade buffs as you go along, a really good little idea which suits my shaving style and makes for a very comfortable shave.

Now onto the aftershave, this particular passaround version had extra added menthol and this stuff is ridiculously chilly. Splashing some on after the shave it had a really nice skin feel leaving the skin nice and soft, but the menthol kick is huge. It felt like tear gas and I could barely see for about five minutes after splashing it on. The scent of the splash matches the soap and its a nice old school barbershop scent similar to Floid Vigoroso but with a twist. Definitely a classic powdery barbershop scent.

So after the shave I spoke with Douglas of PAA who said perhaps bowl lathering the soap with a nice soft brush and painting on the lather may ease the discomfort.

So onto today’s shave
Myrsol Emulsion
Vloid bowl lathered
Reef Point Sublime
Gillette Silver Blue (3)
Fine Accoutrements American Blend

So I tried bowl lathering the Vloid and painting it on with my softest brush, which was a touch better but I still couldn’t get past the first pass. So I got out the new tub of Reef Point Sublime soap and face lathered that up for the last two passes. I really like the fresh sweet lime and lemon scent of this soap, I can see it being a summer favourite. It has a nice light cooling menthol feel too and the lather is just great, thick and slick the way I like it.

3 passes with the DOC and a little touch up on the neck and I was good. I’m going to try the head on a heavy handle next time around just to see how that changes things.

I finished off with a splash of the Fine American Blend aftershave which was a Father’s Day gift from my kids. This is a really nice splash with a great scent and a nice hit of menthol. It’s based on YSL Rive Gauche and smells very nice. The wife likes it too which is a bonus.


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