Mongoose & TTFFC Wisp

Myrsol Emulsion
Rooney Emillion Super Badger
Through The Fire Fine Crafts Wisp
B2 Satin Mongoose with Dr Bomber handle
Feather Pro Guard (2)
Fine Accoutrements Platinum Aftershave

Another good shave from the mongoose today with the second shave with a feather pro guard blade.

The TTFFC Wisp soap has that classic barber shop scent and loaded easily on the brush. Face lathering I found it needed a fair bit of water to really get the lather going to a nice thick lather which had good slickness. The scent is about medium to my nose. Nice and fresh.

I began the first pass which went well with no incidents. It was only on the second pass that my skin felt a bit uncomfortable, this seems to be another soap that irritates my skin a little. For the third pass I used the nearest soap to hand which was a stick of Lea soap. The final pass went well and was a lot more comfortable.

I finished off with a nice big splash of Fine Accoutrements Platinum aftershave. I think the irritation from the soap really told as the splash really did burn today followed by the great big cooling menthol hit. To help things along I used the One Planet aftershave balm which cost me about 30p in my local home bargains. Extremely good value balm with a good menthol hit and plenty of good skin ingredients.


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