Mongoose & B&M Orange & Cedarwood

Proraso Red Pre
The Big Shave Super Silvertip
Barrister & Mann Orange & Cedarwood
Pro Guard (1)
Fine L’Orange Noir

Wow the Mongoose is better than I remember when I borrowed one some time back. Now I’m lucky enough to own my own. I almost want to sell off all my other razors.

Good lather from the Barrister and Mann Black Label soap with a nice fresh orange scent backed up by some woody Cedarwood.

Swirling the damp badger brush on the soap for about 30 seconds was all that was needed to create enough lather for my 3 passes. Super slick and nice and protective, I could barely feel the blade on my skin and great post shave feel.

First go with my own Mongoose which is the satin finish with the Dr Bomber handle. I previously borrowed a mirror finish Mongoose but I found it too hard to keep super shiny and the finger prints annoyed my OCD. Saying that the finish was really nice. I found that the matt finish seemed to glide better over my skin and the knurled handle felt much better in my hand.

I went with the feather pro guard blade which has little guards to stop any major cuts and I thought that was for the best on this first shave. I have a few different blades to try out in the coming weeks.

Tonight’s shave was definitely BBS almost all over apart from a patch on my neck which is always hard to get.

I continued the orange theme with a splash of the Fine Accoutrements L’orange Noir which is based on Terre de Hermes. Really nice smelling stuff with a nice menthol hit.


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