Feather Artist Club SS

Myrsol Emulsion
The BiG Shave Super Badger Brush
Barrister & Mann Beaudelaire
Feather Artist Club SS
Kai Mild (5)
Proraso Aftershave Splash

New soap and new razor today. The razor is part of a forum passaround so I’m just trying it out at the moment.

The soap I traded recently and I’d heard it was a love or hate type of scent. Luckily I like it. It’s an earthy fougere type of scent with leather and I can smell quite a bit of anise, which is what I think I really like about it.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Barrister & Mann soaps over on the Aussie Paste & Cut forum, and it’s all true.

Even just blooming the soap while I was in the shower the scent filled the room with the dark rich scent. I shook all the water out of the super badger brush and loaded it up for about 30 seconds, there was a nice load of creamy looking lather in the brush. I face lathered slowly adding drops to the brush as I went along, I had heard that the black label soaps don’t require as much water as the other B&M soaps, but I have no experience with them. I will say it is still quite thirsty so after adding drops to the brush about 3 times I had the lather where I wanted it. It’s nice and thick and protective with plenty of slip and glide, just what I needed while taming the feathered beast.

After watching quite a few YouTube videos I think I got the angle and a few pointers to be on my way.

First pass with my usual shaving hand on the left side of my face went fine. I then swapped to my right hand to do the other side. I managed somehow to nick my cheek on the second stroke, not a lot of blood so I carried on. I definitely don’t have as much control with my right hand.

I still need to learn how to use this razor, I found sometimes I was catching lather with the scales or my hand which I think was putting me off. I do wonder if I would prefer the kamisori type feather better, but realise there is a learning curve which will take some time to master.

On the second pass I think I stuck with my left hand and tried to go across the grain sideways which seemed to work well. On the third pass I did notice a few weepers showing through the lather on my neck but didn’t notice doing them on the previous pass. I ended up with an ok shave, not the closest but not patchy either so it was all good with no major damage.

I finished off the shave with some old faithful Proraso splash which I was expecting to sting a lot but it wasn’t that bad. The soap has a strong scent which lingers after the shave and strangely it paired well with the Beaudelaire scent really well. Not something I was expecting as I was just going with the Proraso for it’s healing properties. The post shave feel on this soap is really nice too.


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