Travelling Shaves

Trumpers Sandalwood Skin Food
Rooney Heritage Emillion size 1
Razorock Fresco
Gillette Slim Adjustable
English Wilkinson (1)
Lucky Tiger Aftershave

Well this will be the setup for a few days so there won’t be many posts on here. I usually bring a few soaps away but decided just the one this time.

I was searching through my old travel bag and found two bottles of Skinfood, Lime and Sandalwood so put them both in the travel bag to use as a preshave, although they can also double up as a balm if required. I went with the sandalwood as I like the scent more.

The Rooney brush arrived just before I left and as I’ve been waiting for it to arrive seemed the right choice to take away. As you can see from the pre bloom picture below it bloomed out nicely after one use.
It lathered up the Razorock soap with no issues, felt nice on my skin and easily let up the lather for all 3 passes with more to spare. So far I’m impressed with it’s performance, the handle also feels really nice and ergonomic to use.

The Razorock Fresco I picked up when I bought a lot from The Shave Nook BST, I’ve been really impressed by the performance of the lather and it has a really nice scent too. Nice thick, shiny lather with lots of slickness. For the price it’s a hard to beat soap that I would recommend. I chose to bring this away as I can almost see the bottom of the tub so I thought it would help finish it off, but I have a feeling once it’s gone I’ll end up buying another one!

I haven’t use the Gillette Slim in ages and I did struggle at first to remember the angle, but got there in the end. An ok shave but not BBS from the slim.

A quick splash of Lucky Tiger to finish off. Good post shave feel from this but I find it more oily than most and the scent lasts a few seconds, great for adding a scent to wear for the day, but once this sample is gone I wouldn’t buy a bottle as I prefer others over this but nice to try out. If you prefer a splash without much burn or menthol it’s worth a try.

Well that was the setup for yesterday and the coming few days. Off to see what I can find around here now.


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