WSP Vetiver and Ikon SB

Preshave Oil
Omega 49 boar
WSP Vetiver
Ikon SB on Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Gillette 7 o’clock Yellow (1)
Quorum Aftershave

A super smooth shave tonight from the above setup. The yellow 7 o’clock blade is nice and sharp, this was the second blade I bought in bulk when I started wet shaving about 5 years ago. It certainly delivered the results tonight. They aren’t the smoothest of blades I find so I gave the blade a quick hand strop before loading it into the Ikon head.

The sample of WSP Vetiver soap is a good strong scent that is more like a fresh green vetiver scent than the more smoky vetiver scents I’ve used recently. I decided to use the big omega boar tonight using the Marco method of lathering, which resulted in huge amounts of dense slick lather with more than enough for probably another shave.

I am really liking to Ikon at the moment so I’ll have one more shave with it to see how the gillette blade smooths out for the second shave then swap to another razor.

I finished off my shave with a good splash of Quorum aftershave which has a nice manly woody scent with a touch of tobacco too. It’s quite similar to the Woodspice I used recently and lingers for quite a while. I’ve just ordered another brush which should be here by next week. I’m looking forward to that and will post about it once it arrives.


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