A weekend of shaves

I haven’t had much time this weekend to blog so today is a post of yesterday and today’s shaves. I’ll start with yesterday’s setup.

Proraso White preshave
The Big Shave 24mm Silvertip
Maggards Orange Menthol
Ikon SB on Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Rapira Super Swedish (1)
Speick Aftershave
Really nice close shave with the Ikon Standard Bar (SB) mounted on the Jürgen Hempel Titanium handle. I know some people say that the SB is a very aggressive razor, but I found it quite smooth and efficient. Looks wise it’s very similar to the Gillette Tech head but has quite a lot more bite to it. I really like the thin profile of the head which makes shaving under the nose much easier, although that could be more noticeable after using the Gem SE razors.

First try of the Rapira Super Swedish blade and it seemed ok. A bit like other Rapira blades that I have tried they seem to tug for the first stroke as if there is a coating on the edge of the blade, but after that they seem fine. Quite a smooth feeling blade with a medium sharpness, it feels fine for the majority of my face but struggles a bit around my mouth and chin where my hair is a bit thicker.

The Maggard sample is a good soap with a nice scent of oranges with barely any menthol scent noticeable, but you can feel a little tingle of cooling while using, but nothing like say Proraso or one of the mentholated Stirling soaps. It built a nice thick lather with very good slickness.

A quick splash of Speick aftershave and I was good for the day ahead, which involved a trip round town to the shops. I managed to test out some YSL Rive Gauche and that’s definitely on my list of scents to buy.

Onto tonight’s shave.

Myrsol Emulsion as Preshave
Vulfix 404 mixed badger and boar
Ikon SB on Jürgen Hempel Ti handle
Rapira Super Swedish (2)
One Planet Aftershave Balm
Only the razor and blade remained the same from the last shave.

The Rapira blade started off well but felt a little rough and blunt towards the end of the shave today, and is now in the blade bank. They are a fairly cheap blade but I was expecting maybe 3 shaves from a blade. This was a sample I was given a while back and based on this I wouldn’t buy more. There are too many good blades to make do with an average one. Even though the Rapira are cheap with my favourite Polsilver blade I can get 4-5 great shaves from them so the cost per shave offers a better value to me than the cheaper Rapira blade. I guess I just prefer a sharper blade for my thicker stubble.

The LPL did a good job but I did find I needed to go back to the soap to reload a few times during the shave. I forgot to put a bit of water on the soap to soften it up before my shave which may have been a factor, but sometimes I think with samples of soap the smaller surface area to load from can have an effect on things.

The Vulfix 404 I have had for a few years now and it’s a good little brush for the money. Enough backbone to load up soaps while still being quite soft on the face. It’s not the most dense of knots but gets the job done and the handle is of a really good quality. When the knot gives up I’ll add a new denser knot to it.

Finished off today with some One Planet aftershave balm to combat the slightly rough blade experience with the Rapira. I bought this from Home Bargains for about 39p I think. I’d seen it mentioned as a very good balm for very little money and I have to agree. It has a very good list of ingredients for soothing the skin and menthol for a nice cooling effect. It has a minty scent which soon fades and it absorbs well and doesn’t feel greasy, a bit like Myrsol Emulsion is leaves more of a matte feel to the skin rather than a greasy feel. For 39p it’s well worth a try, they had a moisturiser too which I picked up, but I think I’ll get another balm or two next time I’m there.

On another note I’ve been trying out a few perfume oils this week from Al Rehab and Perfume Parlour. I’m quite impressed so far. I have found some lack longevity but others are really good. So far a good lasting Al Rehab scent that I have liked has been one called Dakar, which smells just like Drakkar Noir, very nice and very cheap from Amazon.

That’s all for now, ready for the new week ahead.


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