Stirling Ozark Mountain & Gem Clog Pruf

Myrsol Emulsion Preshave
Plisson Synthetic Shaving Brush
Stirling Ozark Mountain Soap
Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf
Gem Blade (1)
Marks & Spencer Woodspice Aftershave

Continuing the month of using samples I reached for my sample pick of Stirling Ozark Mountain shaving soap. I am always pleasantly reminded how slick this soap is every time I use one of the Stirling soaps, I think they have to be the slickest shaving soap around.

The Ozark Mountain soap has a very nice scent which has a nice pine note to it along with a spicy woody scent as well, like all the Stirling soaps I have tried so far they really do have pleasant strong scents and provide great skincare. About 20 seconds loading up the Plisson after leaving a few drops of water on the puck while I showered produced more than enough passes of thick, super slick lather for my 3 pass shave, and left my skin with no real need for anything more post shave. I did have a little splash of the M&S Woodspice aftershave mainly for a little scent than anything else.

First go with the Clog Pruf after using the OCMM and 1924 Gem razors previously, and this time with a fresh blade. I have found with these razors they can be a little rougher on the skin than a typical DE razor, and I have found the blades to be a little harsh on their first use. No problems with that today but I can’t put that down to the razor or the thick Stirling lather. I guess I’ll find out on the next use of this razor. Overall a DFS result from this razor but not as close as the OCMM shave I had previously.

I finished off the shave keeping the woody theme going with a splash of Woodspice aftershave. I’ve had this bottle quite a few years now, definitely over 15 years, and it still smells as fresh as the day I bought it. It brings back fond memories of being in my early teens, before I got into the various “designer” scents, and is still a pleasant scent for me.


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