SOTD 12/05/15

Myrsol Emulsion as preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 best badger
Catie’s Bubbles Glace Herbe
Ikon 101 on Jurgen Hempel Ti handle
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver Aftershave

A quick one from me today similar setup to a shave last week apart from razor and brush.

I had a Jürgen Hempel Ti handle in blue arrive in the mail today so paired it up with the Ikon 101 head and had a really good shave. I don’t use this head as often as I should and with the new handle it had the perfect balance.

A very good close shave and this sample of the Catie’s Bubbles soap has nearly gone. I’ve grown to like the scent a lot and the menthol hit is just at the right level for me.


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