Review: Gillette Long Comb New


The Gillette Long Comb New as shown above is one of my favourite razors and one that I will always suggest to someone when they are looking to upgrade from their first razor or simply to get into trying a vintage Gillette razor. The one shown above is a common bar handle which I had replated in chrome as it was down to the brass metal when I got it. Some people like the look of these razors when they are down to brass, but I thought it best to restore it to its former glory and hopefully extend its long life even further.

I won’t go too much into the history of this razor, but focus on the performance. This razor head was produced around the 1930’s and was available in a variety of sets with differing handles. There is also a short combed variant, but I have so far not tried one of these.

I have used the original handles with these razors on many occasions and they deliver a great shave, but lately I have found a preference to using the head with a heavy stainless steel handle.

It is an open comb razor which usually are thought of as aggressive razors, but I find the Long Comb New to be efficient without feeling rough or too aggressive on my skin. I think I have had some of the closest shaves ever using this head with the right blade and soap combo. The theory is that because of the nature of the open comb on the underside of the blade, it allows more lather to stay in contact with the blade whilst shaving resulting in a more comfortable shave compared to safety bar razors which remove a lot of lather prior to the blade cutting the hair. I also find that due to the open comb it’s a great razor to use on a few days stubble growth as it copes very well and does not clog up as the longer stubble can escape through the teeth of the open comb.

In regards to the various models available, not only for the New but almost every other type of Gillette razor I would suggest a visit to the Mr Razor website it is a great resource for identifying the many different models of Gillette razor.

I thought I would give the Long Comb New some scores as below:

Effectiveness: 8/10
Ease of Use: 8/10
Aggressiveness: 6/10

I hope you have found the above review helpful, and if you have anything to add feel free to comment below

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