Ever Ready 1924 and KnockOut Shave Black

Village barber pre shave oil
Omega 49
KnockOut Shave Black shaving soap
Ever Ready 1924
Gem SE blade
Myrsol Antesol
Art of Shaving Lemon EDT

A few SE razors arrived over the weekend, this being one of them along with a Gem Clog Pruf and an Open Comb Micromatic. After a good clean I choose the 1924 today.

Not a bad shaver, I’m using a blade which I took out of the 1912 and I’m not sure how many shaves I’ve had from it but it was still quite sharp.

I choose the sample of the Knockout Shave Black soap as I know from using it previously that the lather is nice and thick and protective.

I got a good shave, mostly BBS above the jaw and DFS below the jaw with no nicks or wounds. I probably need to get the angle of SE shaving back a bit, but I’m happy with the results.

I finished off with a splash of Myrsol Antesol and a tiny amount of Truefitt and Hill No 10 balm as the SE shave left me feeling a tiny bit raw, possibly the slightly blunt blade.

I’d put some of the Art of Shaving Lemon EDT on earlier and my wife said it smelt nice so I put some more on for the rest of the day.


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