Tiki Bar Soaps – Land Locked

New Forest 1901 2 Band Badger
Tiki Land Locked (Tallow)
US Gillette Aristocrat
Gillette Swede (5)
Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver Aftershave

Nice shave today with the new to me Tiki Bar Soaps Land Locked shaving soap. It has a very nice scent of orange, spices and patchouli and great slick performance.

I took the 2 band badger brush and gave it a good squeeze and flick so it was just damp and began loading the soap which had a little water left on it to soften it while I had a shower. I was quite surprised how quickly the lather began to build up and within 20 seconds the brush was fully loaded, maybe even a little over loaded.

I started face lathering adding drops of water to the knot as I went until I had the lather at a nice consistency. I found that this soap can take a lot of water and has a nice sheen when it’s fully hydrated.

The New Forest brush held more than enough lather for 3 passes which is good considering the knot is only 19mm. I’m going to be travelling shortly and this will be the brush I take away with me.

For some reason the Clean Vetiver has been calling to me today so I reached for it to finish off today’s shave, must be that I keep seeing it in SOTD pictures and subliminally got the urge to use it. It’s a great scent and I really like the high menthol chill it provides.

As I say I’m travelling shortly so am putting thought into what I’m going to pack. I think I’ve decided on the razor, brush and splash but still need to make my mind up on a soap. I’m thinking either a Stirling sample puck, a Haslinger soap or maybe even some Proraso soap.


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