Mickey Lee Soapworks La Fee Verte

3P preshave
Simpsons Duke 3 Best Badger
Mickey Lee Soapworks La Fee Verte
US Gillette Aristocrat
Gillette Swede (4)
Old Spice Noir

Excellent shave on this very windy day in Essex! I lined up a few soaps at the beginning of the week, so I have one more planned shave to go. Today was the turn of MLSW La Fee Verte so onto the shave

I left the Duke 3 soaking whilst I had my shower and also left some water on the MLSW to soften it up a little as I tend to do with most croaps. The nice spicy scent of the soap filled the bathroom and I knew this was going to be an enjoyable shave. I really do like this scent and it’s a shame it isn’t available at the moment, but I hear it may be back in the future.

It’s quite a complex dark spicy scent with a nice touch of absinthe. I squeezed out all the water from the Duke and gave it a little flick so it was just damp and began to load up the soap, it burst into life almost as quickly as the brush touched the soap. I loaded for about 30 seconds before beginning to face lather. I find as the Duke is quite a dense brush it needs just a little more loading than some of my other badger brushes. Face lathering adding a few drops of water as I went along quickly produced a very thick dense lather with plenty of slickness, all the while the lovely scent was present quite strongly.

3 passes with the Aristocrat with the Gillette Swede blade and all was good for the fourth shave on this blade which showed no signs of needing a change quite yet. I don’t know why but I just like the gold plating on this razor, it just feels a bit more elegant using a gold plated razor and the plating has held up well considering this razors over 60 years old!

I finished off the shave with the usual warm water splash followed by a cold water splash and felt like I didn’t really need any aftershave or balm and I could still smell the scent of the soap on my skin for quite a while after while I tidied up the bathroom. I don’t really have an aftershave that matches this scent well so I just reached for the old spice noir to finish off. I must find a nice spicy aftershave to pair with this and my other more spicy soaps.

I’m definitely a fan of the Mickey Lee Soapwork soaps and currently have 3 with another 1 on the way to me, along with another soap commander soap. They are both in my top 3 soaps as they perform so well.

I have noticed after this shave I have a few razor bumps coming so I’ll be watching for the next few shaves to see if I can pin point what is causing this. It could be perhaps that I got quite a close shave the other day with the Razorock SLAB or maybe something else, I am sure recently using SE razors like the 1912 and Schick Injector with their more rigid blades I’ve had fewer ingrowns. But who knows it could be many factors causing them.


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