Nannys Silly Soap Signature

Proraso White Preshave
Silvertip Badger Brush
NSS Signature Bamboo & White Grape
English F/T Rocket
Gillette Swede (2)
Proraso Aftershave

First shave in 3 days this morning and it felt good to finally whack all those whiskers! I had the Soap Commander Resolution arrive yesterday, but for some reason the NSS was calling to me.

For those that don’t know Nannys Silly Soap is a UK based artisan soap maker who has developed her shaving soap over quite a few years with members of the shaving room forum. Her site is well worth a visit and can be found by clicking here

Onto the shave. I took a damp brush which had been soaking during my shower and loaded up a good amount of the NSS into it, I started face lathering adding drops of water to the brush along the way until I got a nice thick slick lather. I find with the signature range of soaps it is quite thirsty and as you add water it really thickens and takes on a nice sheen. This is without doubt the best UK artisan soap ever, that ticks all the boxes in every aspect of shaving soap performance. I especially like the residual slickness left behind, and the post shave skincare is excellent, and not at all drying. The scent strength I would say is medium and this particular scent is quite unique to others I have. It’s sort of a fresh scent with a little bit of citrus.

Today I fancied using a milder razor so thought I’d go with the English Flare Tip Rocket along with the Gillette “Swede” blade on its second shave. I decided to go with a 4 pass shave today and there was no irritation from this razor, blade and soap combo.

After using the White Proraso preshave I just wanted to continue the menthol cooling goodness and reached for the Proraso aftershave splash. It felt really good and certainly woke me up after a slightly disrupted nights sleep.

I finished off with a few squirts of the Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College cologne, which smells very nice and am ready to take on the day and the citrus scent compliments the soap well.


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