SOTD 25/03/15

Proraso Red Pre shave
Custom Silvertip Badger Brush
Maggard Fougere Sauvage
Razorock SLAB
Gillette Swede (1)
Alpa 378 Aftershave

Today I wanted a break from the 1912 so reached for the Razorock SLAB so I could shave like a boss!
I was looking forward to trying out the silvertip brush that arrived yesterday and after a few test lathers last night I decided to try the Maggard soap.

The scent of the Maggard soap is a really green fern like scent and it lathered up really well. I started to face lather but began to get a tingle on my skin around my mouth. I plodded on with the first pass and the performance of the soap is very good, looking at the ingredients I couldn’t see tallow listed but all the others from Maggard I had seen do contain tallow. Luckily I had been loaned this soap to try out by a friend so at least I got to try this and realise it didn’t agree with my skin. I do have a sample of the Orange Menthol soap which I didn’t react to which is on my list to try in the future. I guess it is something in the fragrance that didn’t agree with my skin.

Anyway after the first pass I rinsed the brush out and loaded up the Provance Sante Green Tea soap I’ve had sitting on the side in the bathroom for ages unloved. It gave me a good reason to test the silvertip on a hard soap too. No problems with loading or face lathering for the remaining two passes.

The SLAB is a really nice razor which is on the aggressive side but is also quite a smooth shaver. Paired with the new to me Gillette Swede blade I got a very close shave with no nicks or weepers.

I finished off the shave with a splash of the Alpa 378 aftershave which again was the first time I’d tried it. It has a strong manly scent with a nice hit of menthol and has left my skin nice and soft. I did find that after using the soap my skin was a little on the dry side but this sorted it out nicely.


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