A Sterling Shave

Proraso Sandalwood Preshave
Omega 49 boar
Ever Ready 1912
Gem SE blade (1)
Stirling Tuscany shaving soap
British Sterling aftershave

Today was one of those days were I just couldn’t work out what to use, I decided in the end to use the made in England Ever Ready 1912.

Although I’ve used a lot of DE razors I haven’t used an SE razor consistently for a very long time.

Given that, I had a good shave with the 1912, the shape of the head makes it tricky in some areas like under the nose, so you have to go at things from a different angle than usual. Still I got a good result which I would say was a touch closer than the previous shaves with the Ikon 102 Slant, but not quite BBS on the neck. Hopefully I’ll master the angle etc over the next few shaves.

A new scent of Stirling I haven’t tried before today. It wasn’t an overly strong scent which smelt a bit fruity. I think I prefer some of the other Stirling soap scents to this but that’s a personal thing. This provides the usual super slick lather I’ve come to expect from Stirling and I really needed as much protection as possible from the thick lather whilst experimenting with the 1912.

Finished off with the British Sterling aftershave that arrived today. I bought it to pair with my LPV as I heard it has a similar scent. I found it started off spicy then changed to a more powdery scent which I found similar to Trumpers Spanish Leather meets classic Old Spice. It left me skin feeling good anyway and that’s the main thing.


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