DR Harris Windsor – Full Tilt

Swagger & Jacks pre shave oil
Plisson Synthtetic Brush
DR Harris Windsor shaving soap
Ikon 102 on custom handle
Personna Lab Blue (2)
DR Harris Windsor aftershave
DR Harris Windsor EDT

Nice English products used in today’s shave, though I am a big fan of artisan products you can’t beat the soaps DR Harris makes in good old Blighty. A Royal warrant too.

The Swagger & Jacks pre shave oil is very nice. They are a barbershop in Norwich I called into a while back after being recommended on their preshave oil, I also picked up a tube of Proraso cream as well. Worth a visit if you’re in the area, although I think they may deliver as well. The oil has a nice scent and a cooling hint of menthol as well. I find it doesn’t clog the razor and is easily washed away after a shave.

The Windsor soap has a really nice scent, citrusy with clary sage, pepper and vetiver amongst other things and the scent level is good too. Loading up the Plisson was easy and face lathering adding drops of water as I went produced an extra thick slick lather. I really forgot just how rich and thick the Harris lather is, I guess that’s down to the tallow.

The Ikon 102 slant produced a good shave tonight, the thick DR Harris lather did cause it to clog up slightly but a quick rinse under the tap sorted that out.

Finished off the shave with the Windsor aftershave splash which left my skin feeling very good, the soap wasn’t at all drying and I didn’t really need an aftershave but I wanted the full Windsor experience tonight and finished off with a few drops of the EDT as well. My wife says I smell very good.

Well that’s me ready to face another week of work.


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