Ye Old Strop Shoppe Barbershoppe shave

3P Pre Shave
Simpsons Duke 3 in Best
Strop Shoppe – Barbershoppe
Standard Razor
Personna Lab Blue (3)
TOBS St James Aftershave

Second try of the Strop Shoppe special edition shaving soap loaned to me by a shaving buddy. It lathers easily but I just don’t find the lather explodes into a thick rich lather like some of my other soaps I have used recently. It smells nice but not what I associate with a barbershop scent really, I prefer the scent of my Stirling Barbershop over this, but it’s still a nice scent.

I loaded up the Simpsons Duke 3 heavily and went to face lathering. I found I didn’t need to add much water as I went along and got a nice slick lather very easily. I think in part this is due to the Duke holding a lot of water in the knot which releases well as you lather.

I went for 3 passes with the Standard razor with the Lab Blue blade on it’s third shave with no real dramas. The blade did feel like it had seen better days so I’ve retired the blade, cleaned up the razor and I’ll be picking another razor for the next few shaves.

The soap lasted for all 3 passes with no sign of breaking down and the scent I would say is medium strength wise. After the shave my skin felt good and not dry at all so I’ll say the post shave feel of this special edition soap is very good.

I finished off with the Taylor of Old Bond Street St. James aftershave splash. This has been sitting in the drawer for a while not getting much use so I thought I’d use it today. It’s got a really nice scent and I should use it more, it even has a very light menthol kick. I picked this up from the TOBS shop on Jermyn Street on my last visit to the area when I had a good look round the 3 T’s and DR Harris. I must make the trip back again soon.


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