SOTD 10/03/15 a Grandstaff shave

New Forest 1901 2 band badger brush
Grandstaff Holy Smokes v2 shaving soap
Standard Razor – Black
Personna Lab Blue (2)
Pinaud Classic Vanilla Aftershave

Well I said in a previous post about Travis Grandstaff going off the radar…but he’s resurfaced! After that post I was contacted on twitter by a man named Michael who alerted me that Travis was back in business with an improved version of his soap. Surely that great soap couldn’t be improved upon, but it has.

It lathers just as well if not better and maintains the great post shave feel of the original soap. I did have a slight tingling sensation using the old formula in the coconut scent. I’m not sure if it was the scent of the old formula soap I was using or the recipe, but I have none of that at all with this one. I had also seen that some people had issues with the holy smokes before as it is highly scented, I never tried holy smokes in the old recipe, but there were no problems here.

The scent of this soap is really strong and just having the puck in the room fills the room with the scent. It’s quite floral with tobacco and something else I just can’t bring to mind. All in all it’s a very nice scent which is very unique.

I took a damp brush to the puck for about 30 seconds then face lathered, it’s a thirsty soap but adding water along the way produced a nice shiny slick lather, which probably could have taken more water easily.

3rd shave with the Standard Razor and I’m really liking this a lot. The black finish does flare up my OCD a little as it shows up the soap marks, but a quick wipe over after the shave and it’s removed easily. It produces a really close shave, but does so smoothly without feeling aggressive at all.

I finished off with a splash of the Pinaud Classic Vanilla aftershave splash. I wasn’t sure on how much I’d like a vanilla scented aftershave but this is really nice stuff that leaves my skin feeling good. It almost feels like a talcy finish and the scent doesn’t stay around for long, which is much more preferable to me than the original Clubman which I found too strong scent-wise.


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