J Peterman 1903 + Standard Razor = BBS

The BiG Shave LE Super Silvertip Badger Brush
J Peterman 1903 Shaving Cream
Standard Razor – Black
Personna Lab Blue (1)
J Peterman After Shave Balm

Very nice shave today with my newly acquired Standard razor. I had a quick shave with it yesterday but it was late so didn’t post a write up here.
I really like the black finish on this razor and that’s one of the main reasons I bought it. I nearly bought one recently on massdrop but I missed out as they were all snapped up quite quickly, luckily this one appeared on a shaving forum BST thread so I bought it. I’ve tried imposing a ban on buying new stuff recently which has been quite successful but I caved on this but it was bought with funds from selling a few bits recently, so I’m still not technically spending more money!

The razor is very light, it almost reminds me of a Bakelite razor. It has quite a lot of blade exposure and it shaves very close. Paired with a fresh Lab Blue blade I got BBS results. It certainly doesn’t feel harsh on the face in use but it’s a very efficient little razor and I’m glad I bought it now. The guys that designed it definitely knew what they were doing and I’d definitely recommend you try one if you have the chance. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time cleaning this as the black really shows up the soapy residue left behind, but that’s a small price to pay for a very pretty razor.

Onto the cream which I was very kindly loaned out by a friend with a few other goodies recently. I really like the smell of this cream and the performance is good. I do have a preference for soaps but this works up a good lather that smells nice.

The scent is a very manly scent, I’d say spicy and leathery with a touch of cinnamon and reminds me a lot of the Dunhill Edition EDT. I scooped some cream into a bowl and lathered up with The BiG Shave badger brush. This is my favourite badger brush and it works well with soaps or cream and both bowl or face lathering, it’s a great all rounder of a brush. The cream takes a fair bit of water to get the lather where I like it and the scoop I had was easily enough for my 3 pass shave.

I finished off with some witch hazel and a layer of the J Peterman 1903 balm. A good hour later I can still smell the great manly scent of the cream and balm.


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